Sunset Radio announce new album ‘Thank You, Goodbye!’

Third album for the five Romagna pop-punkers Sunset Radio, a sweaty, tough record from many points of view. Through the pandemic, grasshoppers, aliens, and so on, Sunset Radio will release ‘Thank You, Goodbye!’ on November 25th in all digital stores.

Nine tracks ranging from classic Californian pop-punk, up to ballads and alternative energetic songs in which there is no shortage of tight guitars and fast drums, a clear signature of the quintet from Ravenna. “It is, without doubt, the most mature and strenuous work we have ever done and we look forward to sharing it with all of you,” says the band.

Apart from the records, the band has announced a change in the lineup from now on: “After 7 years, we say goodbye to Andre, the voice of Sunset Radio. A decision taken in mutual agreement with him long before this announcement. In respect and remembrance of the good years we spent together, we’ve decided to release the album we made together anyway, so support Sunset Radio‘s latest sound as you know them.”

“A lot of things gonna change. Our roads divide for many reasons, first of all, the priority that each of us gives to music within our lives. Andre remains a brother, a person with whom we shared tours, fantastic moments, angry fights, moments of joy, and a thousand other emotions that only those who play in a band can understand. Thank you Andre, we wish you all the best!
Your brothers, Teo, Ricky, Frank, and Paz

“Our journey continues in a new direction, we are still excited and ready to embark on this next adventure. Stay tuned.”


‘Thank You, Goodbye!’ track listing:

1. Intro
2. Melody
3. Ghosts & Cigarettes
4. It Again
5. Pride
6. Old Days
7. Gold And Diamonds
8. Outatime
9. Domenica

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