Sunset Radio release new single ‘Ghosts & Cigarettes’

After the release of ‘Melody,’ Italian band Sunset Radio is back with ‘Ghosts & Cigarettes,’ a new single from their new album out soon and with the video available by the end of June. The track, self-produced by the band and recorded at the Seahorse Studio in Ravenna by the historical producer of the band, Fabrizio Panbarco (Melody Fall), is a cry for the desire to escape from the anxieties and fears that increasingly oppress us every day, need to leave behind the ghosts of the past and try to find the right path.

‘Ghosts & Cigarettes’ is probably one of the songs we are most attached to on the record, it is a song full of emotions, it contains many moods and we believe this is its strong point. It has a very tight riff, straight guitars, and hopping drums but sometimes it pops out, out of the box, and lets us really shout our truth as we know it,” shared Riccardo, the band’s guitarist.

“We wrote the song in just over two days, right after the birth of Matteo’s daughter and you know… sometimes life has special things in store and when they happen you feel like you have a shield in front of you that protects you, you feel strong, sometimes even invincible. The text comes from a very personal reflection, a series of questions that concern ourselves and us in relation to the people we care about and who surround us. The song is about anxieties, fears, old ghosts that come back from the past to make us relive our mistakes and not make us forget, an intrinsic desire in people to want to escape and leave everything behind. But is everything around us really to be thrown away? Do we really want to throw away our past and leave it all behind? I do not think so. I can’t offer you more than what I already give you, but this is all I have and if you know how to value it well, then maybe we will learn from our mistakes and maybe we will grow old together, happy.”

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