SWMRS @ AB Club, Brussels, Belgium

Words: Miljan Milekić

If you’re worried about the future of punk rock – well, don’t be, it’s alive and well. At least that’s what you would think after seeing SWMRS and The Regrettes at their show in Brussels. Two great young bands on their European tour and a club with more than a hundred kids would convince you quite easily.

The Regrettes opened the show with a 30-minute set of their punk-driven indie rock with a hard political commentary. Three girls and a boy on the drums, although very young, are not afraid to touch on the matter of human rights, women’s rights, and to stand up for themselves and their beliefs. They have music, they have the attitude, and I sincerely believe they got a future.

The Regrettes @ AB Club / Photo: Miljan Milekić

SWMRS came next and showed why they are one of the most exciting new bands in the Californian punk rock scene. Four-piece, formerly known under the name Emily’s Army, is hungry, full of energy, and ready to thrash any venue. With a change of guitarist and name, the band also changed its style taking a lot more surf and garage punk influences.

Their set was almost in full made of songs from their debut ‘Drive North,’ with the only exception being a cover of The Cure‘s ‘Just Like Heaven.’ Although at a young age, SWMRS have quite some experience on stage. They know how to control the crowd, how to communicate, and far more importantly – how to play music. Yes, they still got a lot of work to do, but so far – so good.

Despite everything, the best part of the show was the crowd. The club wasn’t full, but the vast majority of the crowd were teenagers and even kids who came with their parents. And the most important part – those kids were enjoying, dancing, singing and listening to the music, to the messages from the stage. I wouldn’t ask for more.

SWMRS @ AB Club / Photo: Miljan Milekić

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