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Rob Taro’s new full-lenght skate film ‘Timescan 2’ is finally here!

Skate video master, Rob Taro, delivered his newest project 'Timescan 2,' featuring over 50 of Japan's most dedicated skaters, including full parts from Ryo Nobuchika, the Hongo bros, and Gou Miyagi. About the...

Watch Gou Miyagi’s ‘Timescan 2’ part

Since his breakout part broke minds around the globe, Gou Miyagi’s skating has defied definition and challenged the tenets of the mainstream. And he’s back again to pave the way for the...

Watch Shintaro Hongo’s ‘Timescan 2’ part

Legendary skate videographer Rob Taro is gearing up for the release of his brand new project, and now we can get a taste of it in the form of Shintaro Hongo's full...

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