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Go ‘Behind The Ad’ with Justin Henry and Independent Trucks

Hop on the session and go ‘Behind The Ad’ with Justin Henry as he throws down a hefty gap 50-50 for the latest Independent Trucks ad in Thrasher‘s September ’23 issue. Filmed...

New Balance Numeric share new video 480 in Chicago

New Balance Numeric drop a new video '480 in Chicago' featuring Andrew Reynolds, Justin Henry, Ryan Lay, Jordan Trahan, Charlie Birch, and Marcello Campanello. Video by Kyle Camarillo, Tylre Wilcox, and Tim Savage,...

Vans Skateboarding present new skate film ‘Alright, Ok’

Vans Skateboarding proudly present 'Alright, OK,' a new skate film featuring global signature team riders Elijah Berle and Gilbert Crockett, with a special guest appearance by Justin Henry. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker...

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