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Odyssey and The Bloom BMX teamed up for a special edition of BMX seats

BMX brand Odyssey teamed up with The Bloom BMX - the biggest and best media outlet dedicated to women's BMX in the world, for a special collection of BMX seats. This limited...

British BMX prodigy Aubrée Henson is now on Vans!

UK's BMX prodigy Aubrée Henson has joined the global Vans BMX team as a flow rider. In addition to the news, she joined our friends at Bloom BMX to discuss it, as...

Watch GT BMX and The Bloom BMX hit Florida in a new video

A new year means a whole new tour! The Gorrrls over at GT Bicycles went on a four-day trip, touring some of Florida's famous spots. Join Jesse Gregory, Bethany Hedrick, Rilee Miller,...

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