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Vincent Milou shares new part ‘You Changed’

Vincent Milou is the newest addition to the Adidas Skateboarding team and introduces himself with a part that leaves no questions why. If 'You Changed' stands for his move on the three...

Watch Vincent Milou survives massive 20 stair in Indy Trucks’ ‘Behind The Ad’

Hop on the session and go 'Behind The Ad' with Vincent Milou as he hops on massive 20 stair rail for the latest Indy ad in Thrasher's September '22 issue. Filmed by Jacob...

Watch Vincent Milou in the new episode of ‘My Indys’

All Indy Trucks are unique to each individual who puts them on a board... Dig in with Vincent Milou in this installment of 'My Indys,' as he talks 144 Titaniums with an...

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