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2nd Generation Wu’s iNTeLL announces new album ‘Computers For The Hood’

iNTeLL, the mastermind behind 2nd Generation Wu, son of Wu-Tang Clan's U-God, and carrier of the legendary hip hop collective's creative torch, ponders an important philosophical and theoretical question with producer DLP on his new album 'Computers For...

2nd Generation Wu release their debut album ‘Hereditary’

Tearing into 2021 with formidable dexterous drive, 2nd Generation Wu (composed of the sons of the Wu-Tang Clan) are releasing their new full-length debut, 'Hereditary' via Dock Street Records. The group of emcees...

2nd Generation Wu – ‘Wu-Tang is for the children, now people can see that in reality’

Words: Miljan Milekić In this interview, everything is about the bigger picture. We sat down with iNTeLL, an amazing up-and-coming rapper with the potential to be the voice of a generation. Along with...

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