Tate Logan shared new EP ‘Double Feature’

Los Angeles’ very own Tate Logan is making a name for himself in the dense and highly demanding pop punk scene. After receiving attention from outlets such as CNN, Alternative Press, GLAAD, Punk News, and Mundane Magazine for his previous single ‘Kill Me To Try’ along with his work as a transgender activist, Tate is riding high. Today, he released his bold new EP ‘Double Feature,’ which was produced and mixed by Marc McClusky, via Secret Friends Music Group.

The EP features two tracks; ‘Better Days’ and ‘End Of The World,’ which is accompanied by a music video. Both songs from the EP channel that classic punk rock attitude of addressing problems with the media and the establishment. The two-part EP displays fast-paced songs with hard-edged melody and singing styles, paired with punchy guitar riffs proving to every listener that punk is not dead.

‘Double Feature’ EP is a narrative of self-reflection and the attempt for accountability towards the current climate of the world. I struggle finding the balance between being angry and upset with all of the issues in our society and striving to find joy and content in the beautiful things life can offer. I realize I am a part of the problem just as much as I am trying to help solve it,” shares Logan.

Tate’s influences range from 90s surf rock, 00s pop-punk, modern hyper pop, and singer/songwriter deep-cuts, a limitless resource of musical taste. Tate is a dedicated activist in the LGBTQIA+ community creating an inclusive and supportive space for all of his fans and encouraging them to be exactly who they are. This inspired Tate to embark on a solo career to fully embrace his identity as a transman in the alternative scene and dedicate his passion for music to those who need representation in those spaces.

Fashion, art, and music are all deeply intertwined in Tate’s world. Inspirations from the glamour rock of Mötley Crüe, to the dirty edge of Britpop, to the fearless provocation of Lady Gaga, there is always a dedication to leather, chains, and cheetah print in Tate’s wardrobe. Tate Logan spent the first years out of school fronting the band Happy. and released multiple records both produced by Will Pugh (Cartel) and Marc McClusky. Happy. also toured North America with Super Whatevr (Hopeless), Chapel (Rise), and more.

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