The Bottom Line re-release acoustic song ‘When I Come Around’

The Bottom Line are back with a re-release of an early acoustic track. ‘When I Come Around’ follows on from the bands series of acoustic workings but this time shows the bands original side. Recorded with Romesh Dodangoda at Long Wave Studios, the band follow on from ‘Happy’ to release this latest track as a stand alone, a true celebration of the ‘No Vacation’ era and the bands growth since signing to Marshall Records.

Vocalist Cal Amies speaks on the track saying: “We’re so excited to be re-releasing ‘When I Come Around.’ It’s the only dedicated acoustic track we’ve released so far & wanted to give the song a stand alone release to give it the exposure we feel it deserves. I wouldn’t want to say too much about the meaning of ‘When I Come Around’ honestly. I like hearing how people interpret it. Whether they connect the song to a loved one, a lost one or a particular life experience it’s amazing to hear how people interact with the song and how it’s (hopefully) helped them.”

The band have also been added to this years Slam Dunk where they will take to the Key Club Stage after rounding up a busy month that also features Teddy Rocks and a bunch of European shows. Discussing their addition to Slam Dunk, Tom Newton said: “Slam Dunk is the one we have wanted for a long long time! We’ve been going for years and have always wanted to get on the line up. What they’ve created with slam dunk is truly special and it is a real honour to be bringing what we do to the festival. We can’t wait to see all our mates too! Being able to share a line up with bands that have inspired us from day 1 is unreal, we can’t wait to see so many insane bands over the 2 days.”

Check the European shows below:

May 12th – Schlachthof – Wiesbaden, Germany
May 13th – Folks! Club – Munich, Germany
May 14th – MTC – Cologne, Germany
May 15th – Headcrash – Hamburg, Germany
May 16th – Maze – Berlin, Germany
May 17th – JC Bouckenborgh – Antwerp, Belgium

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