The Chisel share new single and video ‘Cry Your Eyes Out’

The punk rabble-rousers have returned with a livewire new single and video, ‘Cry Your Eyes Out,’ out now from Pure Noise Records. Emerging from the London punk scene to worldwide recognition as one of the most exciting new bands in the genre today, The Chisel recently signed to Pure Noise and reissued their debut album, ‘Retaliation.’ Now ‘Cry Your Eyes Out’ is the first taste of new music to come from the collaboration.

Recorded by John Atkinson and produced by Jonah Falco (Chubby & The Gang, High Vis, Fucked Up!) the new single is a high-energy blend of Oi! hooks and hardcore stomp that’s sure to please fans of all things loud and catchy. ‘Cry Your Eyes Out’ builds from ferocious verses into one of the most anthemic choruses that The Chisel have ever made. It’s a perfect introduction to the band and a hint of what they have in store for 2023.

The Chisel‘s sound is rooted in aggressive punk, but it’s their ability to pack a melodic punch has allowed them to stand out from the pack. Vocalist Callum Graham has a biting-yet-tuneful delivery that grabs the listener by the head and never lets go, leaving no doubt that this is The Chisel‘s world and we’re just living in it.

Graham discussed the new track, saying: ‘Cry Your Eyes Out’ was written collectively in our old practise room and it was the first song we wrote after ‘Retaliation’ had been released. Musically we wanted to try and build on the more expansive moments of ‘Retaliation’. The verses are driven by a simple old school rock’n’roll style riff which then gives way to dual leads and multi-layered guitars in the chorus, creating a thick melodic sound. Some references we threw around at the time of writing were The Replacements, Ramones and Leatherface. Lyrically, it’s about treating the person you love with respect and never taking them for granted because it can all fall like a pack of cards at any moment.”

The band will also be taking their raucous live show on the road this spring, performing with The Chats in the UK, Agnostic Front and GBH in the U.S., and several festival appearances in the summer.

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