The Dangerous Summer drop new single ‘All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself’

The Dangerous Summer have released a brand-new single called ‘All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself’.

The band recently announced their signing to Rude Records, and the re-issue of their 2020 EP ‘All That Is Left Of The Blue Sky’ and the singles ‘Coming Home’ and ‘The Best Part Of Letting Go.’ Their new album is expected to be released later this year.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Rude Records on the release of our new record ‘Coming Home’ and the re-release of ‘All That Is Left Of The Blue Sky,’ the band shared to Alternative Press. Rude offered us an insanely artist-friendly deal in which we maintain ownership of our masters and full artistic control of our releases. As the days go on, this will be the landscape of the music industry going forward, and we are happy to be working with a label that can give us this freedom. We believe that our new record is something special, and Rude has the resources and team to bring us to the next level.”

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