The Flatliners release video for ‘Rat King’

The Flatliners are less than a month away from releasing their brand new album, ‘New Ruin.’ If you’ve been following along, you’ve already witnessed the chaos of Ron Regal in their first video, ‘Performative Hours.’ Then we were treated to possibly the catchiest song in ages, ‘Souvenir.’ Today, they have the deceitful new video for their third single, ‘Rat King.’

Vocalist and guitarist Chris Cresswell shares, “Bonded by the tragedy of losing their friend and TV legend, the crew you’ve come to know and love in the last two videos make a shocking discovery on their big night out.”

He also offered a deep dive into the song lyrics: “Some things simply deserve to burn. The abuse of power and stark division that’s born from it should have no place left to thrive in our world, and yet it all still hides in plain sight. And for as much progress has been made in bringing people together, learning from each other’s differences, and creating a more positive world from those conversations, there are always those who personify taking two steps back. The tails of hate always intertwine to create quite the mess. Together we can unify against the ignorance and arrogance of the rat king.”

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