The Flatliners share new song and video – ‘Souvenir’

The Flatliners are set to release their highly anticipated album, ‘New Ruin,’ on August 5th. They’ve already released one single, ‘Performative Hours,’ and they’ve now shared the second, ‘Souvenir.’ Their latest drop brims with a slick chorus that will have you humming for days.

Take a peek at what frontman Chris Cresswell had to say below: “The mind is such a powerful thing – for better or for worse – and this song comes straight from the deep pit anxiety can dig with its help. When a moment’s hesitation can send one spiraling, when the smallest task can stand in the way, when you find it in a place you least expect it, like a souvenir stuffed deep in your drawer, you can let it wash over you or try your best to will it away. ‘Souvenir’ is about finding your footing, even when the ground beneath you can only crumble.”

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