The Juliana Theory release new hopeful song ‘Better Now’

The Juliana Theory have returned with ‘Better Now,’ kicking off 2021 with a strikingly hopeful song and video. ‘Better Now’ is just the second new track from The Juliana Theory after a 15-year hiatus from making music and kicks off a year that is sure to bring more from the newly reunited Brett Detar and Josh Fielder. Watch the video for the new song down below.

“Recently I’ve had a number of loved ones either going through bad addictions or an especially difficult time. One night, not long ago, a friend that I care about deeply who had been struggling came over to my little music studio.” Detar reflected on the origins of the song. “Although they didn’t say a lot with words it didn’t matter. I knew they were really hurting and I was especially struck by the visceral feeling I got from just a few telling glances. If it’s true that the eyes are the window to the soul then what I saw through that window was a turbulent storm leaving damage in its wake. The look of hurt I saw resonated with me throughout the night and when I woke up the next morning it was still just as resonant. I’m not always the best at speaking things in the right way. I wanted to encourage my friend but maybe I was too afraid to be vulnerable enough to say what I felt. So when I woke I wrote these lyrics – the words I wanted to say to my friend the night before – words of hope. The truth is I needed to speak a lot of these words to myself as 2020 dealt me a level of depression and anxiety that I had never felt before. ‘Better Now’ is a song about what comes after rock bottom. It’s ok to need help. It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to feel hopeless. It likely won’t happen overnight but just know that things will get better. ‘Hold on. Don’t speak the word ‘surrender’.”


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