The Linda Lindas collab with Bikini Kill on ‘Lost In Thought’

The Linda Lindas collaborated with Bikini Kill‘s Erica Dawn Lyle and Vice Cooler on a new song ‘Lost In Thought.’ The song comes off the benefit album ‘Land Trust – Benefit for the NEFOC,’ which you can buy HERE. The album is the creation of Bikini Kill‘s Erica Dawn Lyle and Vice Cooler with Erica sharing, “Originally conceived as a quarantine-era mutual aid project after Bikini Kill tour was canceled due to Covid in March 2020, Vice Cooler and I wrote songs together remotely via file sharing and then asked a bunch of our friends to help us finish the songs.”

About the new song, The Linda Lindas said: “It’s so rad to be part of this awesome project with tons of amazing friends and future friends! It was cool receiving the tracks from Erica, Vice, and Kathi, and we had a blast writing the lyrics, recording vocals, and making the video with Vice.”


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