The Menzingers share bright new single ‘Bad Actors’

Pennsylvania punk rock band The Menzingers share an upbeat new single ‘Bad Actors.’ Chosen by the Philadelphia Eagles as part of the official ‘Eagles Gameday Series Soundtrack,’ the song was played in stadium and was also featured on the team’s socials leading up to the Superbowl, further cementing the band’s hometown roots.

Featuring bright guitars, melodic riffs and uplifting lyrics, the track was written during sessions for the band’s sixth studio album ‘Hello Exile.’ Tom May explains, “It’s one of the last songs we wrote for the album and finished it in the studio. It’s an ode to a dear old friend that passed.”

Featuring singer/guitarists Greg Barnett and Tom May, bassist Eric Keen, and drummer Joe Godino, The Menzingers formed as teenagers in their hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania in 2006, then later relocated to Philadelphia. The band made their Epitaph debut with 2012’s ‘On The Impossible Past,’ which was voted Album of the Year by Absolute Punk and Punk News. Arriving in 2014, their fourth album ‘Rented World’ was praised as “packed with clever songwriting” by The New York Times and “a colossal fist-pumper” by Stereogum.

In February 2017, The Menzingers released their fifth album ‘After the Party,’ which landed on best-of-the-year lists from outlets like Clash and Noisey, with Stereogum praising its “almost unfairly well-written punk songs.” Fall of 2019 saw the release of ‘Hello Exile,’ the band’s “boldest and most self-assured album” according to Pop Matters, coming back with reimagined version ‘From Exile’ (2020) a year later.

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