The Offspring to release their new album this fall, have ‘about ten songs done’

In a recent interview with WRIF’s Meltdown, The Offspring guitarist Noodles revealed that the band is in the process of finishing their long-awaited new album. We can expect the new album to be released this fall, and it will be their first record since ‘Days Go By’ from 2012.

“This record is taking us a long time, but I think it’s gonna be well worth the wait. We’ve been in the studio working a lot recently with Bob and finishing it up. We’ve got about ten songs done, a couple of more that just need lyrics. And then we may do one or two more, and it’s gonna be a done deal,” said Noodles.

Noodles was also asked when the record’s coming out, and his response was, “This fall. Definitely this year, hopefully, fall. We were hoping for summer, but it looks like fall now.”

The Offspring will be back in Europe this summer, so make sure to catch them live. For the full tour dates list click HERE.

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