The Rasmus share cinematic video for ‘Jezebel’

Finnish band The Rasmus recently announced they will enter the Eurosong qualification event in Finland, and shared their new song ‘Jezebel.’ Now, the band shared a music video for the song, with singer Lauri Ylönen and new guitarist Emppu Suhonen taking leading parts.

Emppu is the star of the video! We wanted to introduce her to the world big time. After all she is like ‘Jezebel,’ rebellious and dangerous! I enjoyed being tied up to the bed and tortured. I’ve always pushed myself to the limit at every videoshoot,” share Ylönen.

Emppu added this: “For me, the most fun in this music video was to be the one who helps Ylönen out of trouble with huge bolt cutters. Never used those before!”

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