The Rumjacks and Flatfoot 56 team up on new ‘Split’ EP

The Rumjacks have announced a new 6-song ‘Split’ EP with Chicago’s Flatfoot 56 on May 6th. The ‘Split’ EP offers up three new tracks from each band and is now available to pre-order (along with special limited edition vinyl leather sleeves).

Both bands are now streaming a new track and companion music video in anticipation of the forthcoming EP. The Rumjacks‘ politically-charged song ‘Whitecaps’ is sure to become a new live staple, while Flatfoot 56′s ‘Mud’ is a welcome addition to the band’s deep catalog. Make sure to check them out down below.

Of ‘Whitecaps’ The Rumjacks frontman Mike Rivkees says: “The song is vaguely about the rise of far right nationalist movements. White caps meaning rough waters due to high wind… But also could be interpreted as KKK hoods. It just means something big and bad is coming politically. I wrote it based on seeing swastikas all over Eastern Europe. As a Jew, it rattles you to the core to know people want you to not exist.”

Tobin Bawinkel of Flatfoot 56 says: “The song ‘Mud’ is a song about the process of personal recovery that follows after the breakdown of a long-held and important relationship. It equates the journey toward recovery to a long and unpaved road. The only way to make it through the deep ruts of this road is through forgiveness. This process is a long slog through the mud, but ends in ultimate peace. While the song’s content has a heavy-hearted theme, it is also laced with a hopeful undertone of optimism in the line “I’ll be doing, I’ll be doing just fine.”

‘Split’ EP track listing:

01. Whitecaps
02. Fifth Ward Firestorm
03. What Was Your Name in the States?

01. Mud
02. Sorry
03. Trouble

The Rumjacks ‘Whitecaps’

Flatfoot 56‘Mud’

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