The Used release gripping new single ‘Numb’

The Used have shared their newest single ‘Numb’ off of their upcoming album ‘Toxic Positivity,’ out May 19 via Big Noise. The track tackles the all-too-familiar sensation of feeling too much and nothing at all simultaneously. The reoccurring line – “does anybody else feel numb?” delivered in Bert McCracken’s passionate voice – is as much a reminder as it is a question, searching for reassurance that we aren’t alone in this feeling.

McCracken also draws a parallel between the band’s 2020 track ‘To Feel Something’ and their newest track: “I just wanna feel something. Anything is better than this. I just wanna feel something. No different from anyone else. Wanna waste my time but not like this at all. I just wanna feel something. No different from anyone else.”

‘Numb’ is the first single from The Used’s new album ‘Toxic Positivity.’ Over 20 years into their career, ‘Toxic Positivity’ is everything fans have come to know and love from The Used – straightforward, in-your-face, destructive, and vulnerable all at once.

The Used – ‘Toxic Positivity’ artwork


‘Toxic Positivity’ tracklist:

01. Worst I’ve Ever Been
02. Numb
03. I Hate Everybody
04. Pinky Swear
05. Headspace
06. Cherry
07. Dopamine
08. Dancing With a Brick Wall
09. Top of the World
10. House of Sand
11. Giving Up

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