Tiny Moving Parts @ AB Club, Brussels, Belgium

Words: Miljan Milekić

Just weeks ago, Minnesota emo revival heroes Tiny Moving Parts released their brand new album, and a Hopeless Records debut, ‘breathe.’ Soon after, the three-piece hit the road and brought their new music to Europe, and we were lucky enough to catch them in Brussels.

The small club of Brussels’ venue Ancienne Belgique was the perfect setup for a show like this. With the capacity of little under 300 souls, the atmosphere was boiling from the very first beats of Bill Chevalier‘s drums. And the band returned the favor. Song after song, they delivered fan-favorites and crowd-pleasers, and they did it with style and confidence. Surprisingly, as it’s been only a couple of weeks since the release, the crowd sang every song back at the band, with new ones being no exception. However, the band did have a bit careful approach, touching on almost every phase of their career, and not overplaying new material.

Musically, the band hit all the buttons right. Opening up with ‘The Midwest Sky’ and ‘Applause,’ and closing with anthemic ‘Caution,’ and playing everything you could think of in between, the band delivered a real treat for the fans, but as it seemed, for themselves too. From the very beginning, it looked like the band enjoyed being on the stage every second of the show. It was especially funny to see Dylan Mattheisen covering every inch of the stage while singing and playing all the insane guitar parts the band is known for.

Apart from Tiny Moving Parts, the show brought two more acts worth seeing. I was never a fan of grunge and its derivatives, chances are that I probably never will be, so I can’t really say much about Microwave set, apart from that they delivered a tight set, easily reaching those who were there for them. If you’re a fan of the 90s bands, especially the Seattle scene, don’t miss out on these guys.

On the other hand, I’ve been a fan of Lizzy Farrall ever since I first heard her ‘All I Said Was Never Heard’ EP, and I was happy to finally hear her live. With only twenty minutes that she had, she decided to go all-in with the new, electronic-infused material, mainly from her new EP ‘Barbados,’ released earlier this year. Dropping songs such as ‘Games,’ ‘Help,’ and ‘Baloon,’ she also managed to squeeze a brand new song ‘Addict,’ before finishing off with ‘Barbados,’ and leaving the stage for the acts to follow.

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