Tom Morello, De’Wayne and more join Anti-Flag on ‘A Dying Plea Vol. 1’

Anti-Flag have issued ‘A Dying Plea’ to the world with their newest track, featuring De’Wayne, Marcia Richards, Julise Della Gary, and Tom Morello. The political punk band also released the bone-chilling music video directed and produced by Keith Ray and Indecline along with the single.

Dropping during one of the most important election weeks in modern history, ‘A Dying Plea Vol. 1’ is just that – a plea to the people to come together and fight for change. On today’s release, the band shares the following message: “The 2020 election has highlighted the heightened divide between so many Americans. It has also clearly defined the unity among the ruling classes, who hand pick and present political candidates who have no intention of challenging an unjust structure of power which protects and enriches the nation’s economic elites.”

“Their unwillingness to waver on the marginalization, persecution, and murder of BIPOC whether by economic isolation, environmental disaster or militarized and racist police forces. Their inability to break from the corporations that buy, sell and trade their policies and platforms allowing them to devour our planet, make us sick and create endless war for the sake of their economies.”

“With the civic duty of voting behind us and while the world waits to see the electoral outcome, we must turn our attention to the next phases of the work we all need to be doing. Working to hold these people accountable, fighting racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and all bigotry. The change we seek doesn’t come from presidents, prime ministers or popes. It has historically and will always come from The People.”

“Our hope is that ‘A Dying Plea Vol. 1’ & 2 serve as a reminder to stay focused on these goals.”

“Vote. Strike. Boycott. Protest. Win.”


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