Transviolet share new single ‘Love And Power’

LA modern indie pop band Transviolet has released a new single titled ‘Love And Power.’ The song follows the recent release of the track ‘Destroy Destroy Destroy.

Lead vocalist Sarah McTaggart says, ‘Love And Power’ is about a toxic relationship with a skewed power dynamic. It’s a retelling of the ‘Girls Your Age’ story without the rose-colored glasses. Several years ago I might have told you ‘Girls Your Age’ was a love story, but I wouldn’t call it that anymore. I was 16 and he was 24. I needed to retell this story in the most brutally honest way possible for my younger self. Because, there’s still a part of her, of me, that thinks it’s her fault- that she asked for what happened, that she was seductive and precocious, and that this grown man couldn’t have resisted her. In reality, she was alone in the world, scared and manipulated by someone who knew exactly what he was doing. No one talks about the part of grooming where in order to survive the abuse psychologically, the victim often becomes the pursuer. In my mind, he couldn’t cross any lines if I crossed them first. In my mind, I was in control of the situation. I think I needed to believe that in order to survive.”

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