Trey Jones is back on Cult

After a couple of years with Subrosa, Trey Jones returned to his long-time home Cult. The announcement comes along with a brand new video filmed by Chris Gregson and Veesh, and we’re all for it.

We have always been a fan of Trey Jones and watching him grow up in the BMX community has been nothing short of amazing…From his own unique style of riding to the events he puts on, his passion is obvious, 100% BMX’er, which is what we are…So enjoy this edit and what’s to come as Trey rejoins the CULT CREW AGAIN AND AGAIN…” shared Cult on their socials.

Jones followed the news with his own announcement on Instagram: “Feels good to be back boiz @ Cult. Thank you so incredibly much to Subrosa, Ryan Woodstock, and Ronnie Bonner for everything you’ve done for me. I have nothing but love for everyone at Subrosa. I truly appreciate it. I STILL RIDE FOR THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY.

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