Turno teams with ‘The Shard Climber’ George King for a thrilling ‘Melia’ video!

With a mutual love for thrill-seeking and electronic music, leading drum and bass producer Turno and viral sensation George King aka The Shard Climber have teamed up for a new single ‘Melia’ where George features in the official video climbing Barcelona’s SkyMelia.

Making for a hair-raising watch, the ‘Melia’ video sees extreme athlete George (The Shard Climber) prepare for the daunting climb whilst Turno’s euphoric production that boasts haunting whispers and cinematic drum sequences adds to the suspense of the journey to the top. Filmed from multiple angles, including the thrilling first-person perspective from George himself, the single aimed to bring together multiple creatives through their shared love of euphoria.

“This project was about merging different creatives from different fields to produce a piece of art that could be appreciated from all angles. I want people to feel the emotions of the climb when listening to the track. We made extra effort to include George’s breathing, city soundscapes, and ambient sounds that play with your feels and relate to George’s journey.” shared Turno.

With their world’s initially colliding after George used Turno’s ‘Abyss’ track for a video of him climbing Tower Agbar in Spain, the pair saw an opportunity to work together. The project had several months of planning, working around Covid whilst George sourced the best building to tackle whilst matching Turno’s production. Training for 12 weeks to master the climb, SkyMelia marked the ideal backdrop for George’s spine-tingling ascent up its unique aesthetic that towers over Barcelona’s contemporary cityscape. Continuing to showcase their world’s intertwining, Turno even designed an outfit for the climb through his Time Is Now label and clothing brand that suited George’s ethos and their shared values perfectly.

Whilst George’s passion for free climbing has previously landed him in temporary hot water across the UK and Europe, George has risen to global appeal. His daredevil status and fan base has only continued to grow since he first emerged climbing The Shard in London, leading to his Channel 4 commissioned, Broadcast Digital award-winning documentary, The Boy Who Climbed The Shard. Finding similarities in the escapism of raving and free climbing, George is powered by the euphoria of drum & bass that puts him in the zone before attempting a climb.

Paired with flawless production and sonic direction, drum & bass heavyweight Turno continues to push and create new boundaries that has seen him collab with A.M.C, Dominator, My Nu Leng, P Money, Spyda, and more. Now he shifts up a gear that will only accelerate him to new heights for this skyrocketing project.


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