Turnstile teamed up with Mall Grab for Remix EP ‘Share a View’

Baltimore hardcore heavyweights Turnstile teamed up with Mall Grab, Australian electronic music artist for a collaborative remix EP ‘Share a View.’ The EP consists of three songs – ‘Yes I Need My Generator,’ ‘The Real Thing,’ and ‘I Wanna Be Blind.’ Songs are basically remixes of tracks ‘Generator,’ ‘Real Thing,’ and ‘Generator,’ all taken from band’s 2018′ full length ‘Time & Space.’

As much as this EP comes as a surprise, it’s also a logical one, knowing both band’s and producer’s schizophrenic music taste, as well as their mutual love for underground and skateboarding culture. Turnstile frontman Brendan Yates shared: “This came to fruition by us just appreciating each other from afar. It feels refreshing to be able to share ideas like this together. All music is dance music.”

‘Yes I Need My Generator’

‘The Real Thing’

‘I Wanna Be Blind’

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