Vincent Tesoro continues his process with new EP ‘Too Close For Comfort’

Alternative hip hop/pop punk artist Vincent Tesoro continues the journey following his ‘Shooting Stars & Broken Halos’ album with a new EP ‘Too Close For Comfort.’ Produced by Balloon Beats and engineered by Don Ziglioni and Loud House Audio, the emo project ranges in concepts from mental health, self-love, empathy, and pain.

“The theme of this record is to simply accept your feelings, work through your trauma and celebrate the gift of life no matter how chaotic and dark it can be sometimes. Clocking in under 15 minutes it’s not even a therapy session, closer to a meditation, either way, the same results apply. This record is the behind-the-scenes insider look at how I view my own identity and process my thoughts and emotions,” he shares about the project.

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