Volcom skate team hit up the UK in a new ‘Industrial Screw Up’ video

The Volcom skate team hit up the UK streets visiting Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, and Wolverhampton, killing off plenty of spots on their travels in a new ‘Industrial Screw Up’ video.

“We kicked it all off in Bristol with a visit to the famous DLH Funday event followed by a good amount of beers in the Dame pub, after a day of hitting some local spots we hit the road for a long drive up north where we explored Manchester and Leeds, hammers went down, a tattoo shop lock-in was had and Griff took the Salford Quay docks to the head with a signature Spliffiths dive (not advisable). We finished off the trip back down in Bristol at the Volcom Garden Experience Day festival, more beers were sunk and we were all thrown out in true “Fire it Up” style,” shared James Griffiths and Tom Mangham about the project.

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