Watch Dakota Roche’s ‘To Be Continued’ video for Cult Crew

Recently, Dakota Roche has been battling injuries and spent some time off his bike for a while. Now, he shared his brand new video ‘To Be Continued,’ talking about his injury, and surgery, and showcasing some of his craziest riding, prior to the crash.

“This is a difficult video to write about and the first time I’m speaking publicly about it, but here it goes- I spent most of 2023 on the injured list, but was working on a Cult part with Grant C between injuries. Finally getting to a somewhat healthy place in November, I started really shifting gears with filming and gettin some tricks I was psyched on… unfortunately that all ended in a horrific slam on November 25th where I sustained a burst fracture in my spine causing temporary paralysis and the need for emergency surgery. Some VERY dark times followed between a multiple night stay in the ICU and having to navigate home life with a walker, catheter, excruciating pain and a newborn baby. So many people deserve praise for their help during this time, but there’s no way I could’ve gotten through this without my wife. She became a 24/7 caretaker for our infant daughter and myself… how much she stepped up during this time cannot be overstated”, shares Dakota.

He continues: “This project is a combination of a video part filmed prior to the crash, and a short documentary on my injury and life for the 4 months following. On a much more positive note, I’m 5 months post injury and have made a pretty miraculous recovery thus far. I’m blessed to say getting back to riding isn’t too far off in the future and I’m working hard every single day to make it happen. Thanks to all who support me and like what I do, it means SO much. Wallrides soon.”

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