Watch Green Day receive receive The Landmark Award, perform ‘Bobby Sox’ and ‘Basket Case’ at iHeartRadio Music Awards

At this year’s iHeartRadio Music Awards, legendary punk rock trio Green Day has received a Landmark Award which was handed over by none other than pop punk queen Avril Lavigne with a heartfelt summary of their achievements, sharing: “When their album ‘Dookie’ came out in 1994, Green Day shook the world. It was an essential album of the nineties and a punk-rock masterpiece. And when their rock opera ‘American Idiot’ came out ten years later, in 2004, it debuted at Number 1, produced five hit singles and even spawned a Broadway musical. Tonight, iHeart Radio is honouring Green Day with The Landmark Award, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘American Idiot’ and the 30th anniversary of ‘Dookie’ – together those two epic albums sold close to 40 million albums.’


The band later performed a two-song medley of ‘Bobby Sox’ and ‘Basket Case’ but with an alternate second verse – frontman Billie Joe Armstrong changed up the lyrics in the second verse, instead singing the words that he wrote in the original demo version of the song (which recently saw the light of day via the 4-track demo on ‘Dookie’s 30th Anniversary edition’). Check out the performance below.


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