William Ryan Key kicks off Patreon campaing featuring new music, Q&As and more

William Ryan Key has been keeping busy these last few years. Aside from his much-beloved solo EPs ‘Thirteen’ and ‘Virtue’ that he released to thunderous acclaim in 2018, he’s been hard at work on multiple projects, one of which he announced this week. “With so much changing for touring musicians, as well as my desire to really start cultivating a career in scoring for film and television which requires me to be home in the studio full time, Patreon felt like an awesome way to keep releasing original music to fans, and be able to play live music for people as well,” he says, presenting his new project on the popular artist platform. His Patreon creator page can be found HERE.

Utilizing Patreon’s subscription-based content platform, Ryan will be inviting fans to dive into this world alongside him. “I have several peers who have found great success with Patreon so I wanted to give it a shot. Every month I’m releasing a new song, playing a live stream acoustic set, doing a live Q & A session, and some other perks as well,” he says excitedly.

Kicking off this week, this project already has its first presentation. “The first song, ‘Face in a Frame’ takes me even further into the world of ambient synth and piano-driven music,” he explains. “I think Patreon is a really cool way for fans to be involved in creative development and evolution. I plan to continue to explore new sounds as I go with these new songs.”

In addition to the music side, Ryan has also dived into the world of podcasts. Well-known to fans as a mega-fan of the Star Wars universe, he has started ‘Thank the Maker: A Star Wars Podcast’ which bills itself as “a podcast about heroes, princesses, scoundrels, hokey religions, ancient weapons, and all things Star Wars.”


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