Yotam Ben Horin announces new album ‘Young Forever,’ shares title track featuring Jim Adkins

Israeli singer-songwriter and frontman of Tel Aviv punk rock legends Useless ID, Yotam Ben Horin has announced his new solo album. The record, called ‘Young Forever,’ will be released on May 20 via Double Helix Records.

“I try to take my solo material as far away from punk as I can,” Yotam shared about the record, “so I don’t just sound like a punk singer playing chords on an acoustic guitar. I leave room for any influence that may enter and just let it happen.”

Along with the announcement, Ben Horin shared the first single – the title track, featuring Jimmy Eat World singer Jim Adkins. ‘Young Forever’ is an open letter I wrote to my younger self. When Covid hit and I was stuck in Israel, I decided to digitize all of my VHS and MiniDV tapes. I went on a trip down memory lane when I rewatched some of them and was reminded of what I felt at the time, living with not a worry in the world other than the love of making music. I was instantly inspired to write the song. It was also the last song written for the album. Sometimes, we get so caught up in life that we forget to step away from it for a second and look around to see what really matters to us,” shared the singer.

“When I got into Flying Blanket Studios in Mesa, Arizona, in April of 2021, I let my friend Jim Adkins know that I was in town and he offered to stop by the studio and say hi since he and producer Bob Hoag are also friends,” he continued. “While we were trying to figure out which day would be best for him to come over, I asked him about the arrangement of the song ‘Young Forever’ since it didn’t have a bridge and was really short. He put it all together really quickly over the phone and we went ahead and recorded it with his suggestions. When he showed up at the studio, I just had to put a guitar on his lap and have him play something.”

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