Youth Fountain announce new album ‘Letters To Our Former Selves’

Youth Fountain is thrilled to announce that they will be releasing their highly anticipated debut full-length album, ‘Letters To Our Former Selves,’ on March 08th via Pure Noise Records. The band has also shared a brand new video for the lead single, ‘Deadlocked,’ a brutally honest track about getting stuck in feelings of anxiety and depression.

‘Letters to Our Former Selves’ is a record that holds pieces of the person I have been over the past decade. Within each track, there are impactful moments & experiences captured through lyricism – touching on topics about self-identity issues, isolation, relationships & mental health problems,” guitarist Tyler Zanon shares. “I hope it means something to you all.”

Youth Fountain – ‘Letters To Our Former Selves’ artwork.jpg

‘Letters to Our Former Selves’ tracklist:

01. Helpless
02. Letters To Our Former Selves
03. Rose Coloured Glass
04. Moody
05. Worried
06. Complacent
07. Ache
08. Deadlocked
09. Furlough
10. Lucid
11. Grinding Teeth
12. Blooms

He continues: “Our single ‘Deadlocked’ is one of the more honest & blunt songs off the record. Feelings revolving around battling with depression and anxiety – It was written a few years back during a super dark place I was in while growing up / coming to terms with my adolescence. Sometimes you feel trapped in those negative spaces and there’s nothing anyone can do to fix that but yourself.”

Check the song below, but also check the last year’s interview we did with Youth Fountain HERE.

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