Zebrahead release new song and video ‘Lay Me To Rest’

Zebrahead has undergone a few changes over the years and they are kicking open a new chapter with the addition of their new singer Adrian Estrella as they put things in motion for their forthcoming EP out on November 26th. Get a taste of the evolution of their sound with the new song and video for ‘Lay Me To Rest’ below.

“I can’t wait for everyone to hear ‘Lay Me To Rest’ – the song is about appreciating the time you have and making the most of each and every day. Adrian’s powerful voice really complements the Zebrahead sound and I’m excited for our fans to hear the new songs! Chapter three…let’s go!” says vocalist/rapper Ali Tabatabaee.

“I am so beyond stoked to have you all hear our new single ‘Lay Me To Rest’ – I could not be prouder of the song, work, time, and effort we’ve all put into this,” adds vocalist/guitarist Adrian Estrella.

“The band came up with the idea for the video when ‘Lay Me To Rest’ was picked as the introduction song for Adrian. Since it incorporates death and moving onward, we thought it was the perfect fit for what was actually happening in real life to the band. We had to decide if we were going let one of the most important things in our life die, or if we wanted to use this hard time to re-energize us and reaffirm how lucky we are to be doing this for a living” explains bassist Ben Osmundson.

The rebellious spirit is alive and well for the Orange County, CA-based punk-inspired rock outfit. Zebrahead is vocalist/rapper Ali Tabatabaee, vocalist/guitarist Adrian Estrella, bassist Ben Osmundson, drummer Ed Udhus, and guitarist Dan Palmer. With Estrella bringing a melodic feel to the band’s harder edge Zebrahead is revitalized and excited to continue bringing their distinctive and embryonic sound to the masses. Since their incarnation, the band has sold over 2 million albums to date and earned a Grammy nomination from a collaboration with Motorhead.

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