Awolnation releases new single ‘Freaking Me Out’

Awolnation dropped their new track ‘Freaking Me Out’ via Better Noise Music, along with an official music video. Known for their ability to write hauntingly stark rock anthems like their world-famous hits ‘Run’ and ‘Sail,’ Awolnation return with new original music, after the release of their covers and collaborations album ‘My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers and Me,’ earlier this year. That project included collaborations with Beck, Jewel, Portugal. The Man, Rise Against, Taylor Hanson, and Brandon Boyd of Incubus, among others.

Aaron Bruno shared his inspiration behind the song: “I had a sense of a hopeful paranoia of sorts in creating this song. Plus you can disco dance to it, or bang your head. Or both. It’s up to you.”

The cinematic music video for ‘Freaking Me Out’ introduces a world that feels both futuristic and bygone. Like a memory of a time that is still to come. The video, entirely in black and white and drawing inspiration from the classic film and paranoid fiction, complements the song’s high-strung energy and infectious melody. Directed by Eliot Charof, the music video is the first in a series of three interlocking new videos from the band that explore a looming overly digitized future.

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