Beyond The Lamplight and Frank Turner release new song ‘Shelter’

Beyond The Lamplight, the band of the two lead singers of Larry And His Flask, is back with an emotional folk punk song. ‘Shelter’ was recorded together with Frank Turner, who we hear in the bridge and chorus. The song can be found on all digital platforms today.

‘Shelter’ is a song about loving someone else who has shut themselves off from the outside world. A story about coaxing someone out of the shell they are hiding in. Sharing one’s strength with that person in hopes of bringing him out of his shelter; his shield against life’s fears and stresses. You try to show him not only the beauty in the world, but also the beauty in yourself,” shared the band.

British punk singer/songwriter Frank Turner was happy to guest sing on both the hook and bridge of the new album’s first single. Frank is a longtime friend. We’ve become very close to him and The Sleeping Souls over the years on several tours with Larry and his Flask. When I sat down and wrote ‘Shelter,’ it all flowed out of me in one big stream. When I finished and listened to the song again, I could hear it singing so clearly in my head. The melody just fit his voice and style. So I approached him and asked if he would like to join in, and he was excited to lend his voice to the song. He recorded the song in his studio within a day, and that’s how it is on the record. That really enhanced the song from a listener’s perspective. The back and forth between me and him. The playing off each other. Total magic,” shares Ian Cook, lead singer of Beyond the Lamplight.

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