Poptropicaslutz! share suspenseful new video for ‘Catastrophe’ feat. Magnolia Park

Long Island-based hyper-punk duo, Poptropicaslutz!, share a new music video for their song ‘Catastrophe’ in collaboration with buzzy Epitaph labelmates, Magnolia Park. Produced by Lucky West (Dreamers, Weathers) and Morgoth (Polyphia, JuiceWrld), the Gen-Z musicians come together for an intersection of hyper-pop and easy-core, supported by a shared pop sensibility.

‘Catastrophe’ is a song about self-destruction and collateral damage….. when her murderous rampage just wasn’t enough of a red flag,” Poptropicaslutz! explain. Magnolia Park also comment, “This song makes being taken advantage of feel so sweet and heartbreaking.” The video follows the duo as they inspect the aftermath of that “murderous rampage,” building suspense with prop guns and filming in 2nd person POV.

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