Big surf film ‘Over The Edge’ finally hits streaming platforms

‘Over The Edge,’ a big wave journey from the freezing waters of Cape Town to the pinnacle of big wave surfing at Pe‘ahi (Jaws), in Hawaii is finally available globally on iTunes, Vimeo, Apple TV+ and more.

“Everyone feels fear. It’s healthy to be afraid,” big wave surfer Matt Bromley, aka Bromdog, the central figure of the project admits. “But it’s how you deal with it that counts. No matter what you’re facing, fear can be used as a tool to accomplish your goals. When you lean into the fear and move through it, that’s when the magic happens.”

The motivating force driving Bromdog from one challenge to the next is fear. Or, more accurately, the rush he gets from overcoming it. “Preparation is essential, and one of the biggest parts of preparing is obviously physical training. Spending time in the pool, spending time in the ocean, spending time in the gym. The more physically prepared you are, the more confident you are.”

A controlled environment will never replace the brutality of a real-life wipeout at a place like Jaws, widely considered the Valhalla of modern big wave surfing. But the ability to cope with these situations and realize that you can survive them builds the foundation for the most valuable asset you can have as a big-wave surfer: confidence.

“When I first see a really big swell on the charts, my stomach just churns and I almost feel sick. But then I try to visualize myself out there. I visualize the wind blowing up the face of the wave. I see myself paddling into it and looking over the edge. When I do that, it changes all the doubt and the fear, and the anxiety. It changes that into a sense of purpose,” he says. “So often, our best moments are just on the other side of that fear.”

You can stream ‘Over The Edge’ on your platform of choice HERE.

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