Duncan Redmonds’ Billy No Mates unearth an album after 10 years

After excessively touring and producing on the Euro and Asian market, a legend in UK punk decided to go work in the United States and recruited some other legends to match with his particular songwriting. Snuff had not officially split up, yet it got quiet around the punk legends from the UK over the past years. That is probably why singer Duncan Redmonds a.k.a. Billy No Mates started a project as a solo-artists in 2004 that quickly developed to become a full band project.

After recording and producing the album ‘We Are Legion’ all by himself, Billy No Mates came up with the idea to form two bands out of the project to play the new songs live – one in Europe, alongside members of bands like Consumed, and one in Japan with which he extended touring.

The same year Billy No Mates released his third full-length album, a legendary studio session in San Francisco combined the artistry of the UK punk legend with the own personal stamp of the melodic punk heroes he teamed up with in America, creating a vibe that the average punk fan can only begin to imagine.

‘S.F. Sourdough’ has been a studio session recorded at Motor Studios in San Fransico in 2010 featured by Lagwagon’s Joey Cape, Dead To Me’s Tyson Annicharico, and Samiam’s Sergie Loobkoff. The session consists of six brand new tracks and six re-recordings of previous songs.

After 10 years of it waiting to be unleashed to the world, SBÄM Records collaborates with Unless You Try Records and 10Past12 Records in European distribution to offer a vinyl color version of the record.

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