Meet sustainable skateboard company launched by tour manager and his kids

Dan McKay is a tour manager and audio engineer for bands such as Cypress Hill, Eagles of Death Metal, and The Distillers, who like many in the live entertainment industry, has been sidelined by the global pandemic. Anticipating a solid year of being on the road with Five Finger Death Punch after more than a decade of being on the road, McKay prepared for an extended stay at home in Montreal once Covid 19 brought touring life as we know it to a screeching halt.

However, in true tour manager fashion, he decided to take charge and salvage what was left of the year. Thus, the idea for Finless Skateboard Co. was finalized. “I love making skateboards. I love my kids. I love pursuing seemingly impossible tasks and giving them meaning,” says McKay of the venture, adding “As a life-long entrepreneur and independent contractor, I’ve always dreamt of one day sharing a business formed out of passion with my children.”
In 2015, Dan returned to Montreal from a tour, bringing back a cruiser from the Golden Coast for his son Harley. Stoked with his new ride, Harley immediately hit the streets for a skating session, where unfortunately his brand new deck was run over by a car. Seeing how bummed his son was, it was in this moment that Dan realized something – why couldn’t he make a skateboard on his own? Together, with his daughter Daisy Jo joining the team, the family set out to create an awesome, hand-crafted, quality skateboard that was nothing short of stellar.
Eager to bring their creation to life, one skateboard turned into two, and then into six, as requests for custom boards came rolling in from friends and family. What started as a simple project was quickly growing into a family business where the trio would set up shop in their backyard and begin making these custom boards. In 2020, the McKay trio decided to take skateboard-making to the next level, forming Finless Skateboard Co. Inspired by SoCal towns like Malibu, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach, Finless decks are all about eco-friendly materials and vintage feels with a modern twist.
“At Finless, we know that without trees, we wouldn’t be able to create our hand-crafted, unique boards,” they shared. “Therefore, we always strive to remain as environmentally-conscious as possible. All Finless skateboards are hand-made from start-to-finish, using both top and bottom sheets made of responsibly harvested sustainable timber. We use water-based, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials, with a clear grip made of recycled crushed glass. Because at Finless, we are all about cruising into a more sustainable future, and we consider our environmental impact every step of the skateboard-making process.”

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