Blak Madeen drop ‘Food For Thought’ (Kane Major Remix) feat. Jeru The Damaja

Blak Madeen (Al-J and Yusuf Abdul-Mateen) and Leedz Edutainment re-align forces with a new single ‘Food For Thought’ (Kane Major Remix) featuring Jeru The Damaja and DJ Slipwax.

“This song was released pre-streaming and needed a revival so we brought in fellow enthusiast Kane Major to revamp the sound” says Leedz, while Kane adds “I wanted a beat that would match the cataclysmic tone of Jeru‘s verse. The main sample captures a bit of the angst and I added drums to reinforce that vibe.”

“The Gang Starr Foundation had a huge influence on how we approach music so having Jeru dropping knowledge on a track with us is a blessing,” says Yusuf, while Al-J concludes: “Sun Rises In The East is still one of my favorite albums and he delivered the same energy.”

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