Boston Manor announce new album ‘GLUE’

Boston Manor have just announced that their third studio album ‘GLUE’ will be out on May 1 via Pure Noise Records. Check out the album artwork and track listing down below.

“I want people to listen to it and feel something and think about things,” says frontman Henry Cox. “The aim of the whole record is to make people angry. It’s to make them go ‘Well, this pisses me off, how can I change it? What is one thing that I can personally do – that I can start doing today – to make a difference?’ Because we can do better than this. We just need to start.

“It’s a lot more abrasive and a weirder record. It’s just new territory for us. The whole point was to throw away any preconceived notions of what the band is and push ourselves out of our comfort zone. This is the start of our band finally becoming the band that we want to be. It’s taken us so long to get here, but I’m really proud of us for becoming our own thing. Not once did we think about what people wanted to hear – we just went entirely down the rabbit hole with it. Our only rule was to do what we wanted to do. And I’m really happy that we did that.”

Boston Manor have also revealed the hyper-kinetic music video for the first single from the record. ‘Everything Is Ordinary’ is about how we’re desensitized to all of these major, major problems that exist in the world today” says vocalist Henry Cox. “We’ve seen literally everything so nothing really strikes us as worrying or scary any more and, essentially, everything is ordinary to us. I was mostly thinking about the environmental crisis when we wrote this but it does apply to a lot of things that are happening right now.” The song sets the tone for an album that’s all about questioning the state of the world around us. Inevitably, in a critical examination of modern constructs, it comes from a dark place but one that fueled the five-piece to create a body of work that elevates their craft further than ever before. During what singer Henry Cox describes as a “very chaotic” process came the 13 highly charged songs that make up this record.

‘GLUE’ track listing:

01. Everything Is Ordinary
02. 1’s & 0’s
03. Plasticine Dreams
04. Terrible Love
05. On A High Ledge
06. Only1
07. You, Me & The Class War
08. Playing God
09. Brand New Kids
10. Ratking
11. Stuck In The Mud
12. Liquid
13. Monolith

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