Gina Fritz releases new single ‘Remedy,’ featuring Whitney Peyton

Connecticut-based pop rock artist Gina Fritz has released her new single ‘Remedy,’ featuring Whitney Peyton, and is available on all digital platforms. Also a member of alt pop duo Keyed Up, Gina is honing in on her personal style with the release of ‘Remedy.’

Previously a member of a pop punk band, she uses her high-energy stage experience to her advantage through her new solo work. Energetic and feisty, ‘Remedy’ ties together all of Gina‘s prior work to create an edgy package that’s all her own. ‘Remedy’ is a unique design, uncovering elements of early 2000’s pop/rock icons and meshing them together with a sprinkle of theatrical emo-pop.

About the single, she states: ‘Remedy’ is about a push and pulls type relationship. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. You’ll only end up consuming yourself with their problems and find yourself in the same situation. You have to know when the right time is to walk away.”

Gina Fritz is a solo artist from Wallingford, CT whose style derives from both mainstream pop to pop punk. Gina got her start in 2016 in a pop punk band where she had the opportunity to tour and share the stage with bands such as Hawthorne Heights, Set It Off, We The Kings, and Palaye Royale. She then for a brief time was in a dark pop project which led her to play the main stage at SXSW, reach over 100,000 streams on a single she had co-written with her brother Anthony Fritz, and also tour with her, now bandmate Whitney Peyton (Keyed Up).

With Keyed Up, Gina has gained many opportunities which include playing Warped Tour, Pot of Gold festival, Emo Nite, and more. Gina is looking forward to releasing more music with Keyed Up and as a solo act. While getting her start primarily in bands, Gina wants to prove herself as the solo artist she is and prove to girls that they don’t need to rely on anyone but themselves to reach their goals. While the comparison to Hayley Williams is always a compliment, Gina wants to be known for her own unique voice and sound she brings.

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