Bru-C releases addictive new single ‘Wild’

Nottingham-hailing Bru-C returns with his new single ‘Wild’, produced by d’n’b heavy-weight Bou and long-term collaborator, Shapes. The track, written across one evening, is a dose of trademark Bru-C – soaring, addictive melodies and high-octane rap verses. On first listen, fans will be thrown back to his stand-out tracks such as ‘You & I,’ ‘Streetside’ and more; but on closer inspection, this is a matured sound from the ever-evolving artist.

Landing in the wake of the emotive ‘Let It Go,’ new offering ‘Wild’ further cements him as an unforgettable force to be reckoned with in the UK electronic music scene, with a heavy hint of a larger body of work on the horizon.

Both tracks follow an incredibly raw, open, and honest video message, shared by Bru-C on his social channels, detailing his struggles with trauma and mental health, revealing that he has used ‘Bru-C’ as a mask to cover the reality of his inner turmoil. The video concludes with the powerful statement, “I’ll see you on the road.” Open about his struggles with mental health and burnout, Bru-C’s latest chapter reflects a commitment to taking charge of his well-being. He is poised to continue his ascent, captivating audiences with his unique sound and authentic storytelling.

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