LA area punks For Closure unveil new single ‘No Condition’

LA area punk / power-pop band For Closure has released a new single ‘No Condition’ via Mindpower Records.

For Closure drummer/producer Wal Rashidi says:‘No Condition’ encapsulates much of what I love and seek in a song. And I can say this as someone who’s somewhat detached from it, as I didn’t have a hand in the songwriting, just the production. It is equal parts bold and expressive in its outro, counterbalanced with intimate and sparse in its verses. The arpeggiated, glassy guitar tones we dialed in are an imperfect nod to the 1980s new wave/post-punk watery riffs emanating from the Roland Jazz Chorus amps in videos we grew up watching on MTV (or listening to early KROQ hits). Gizz’s (frontman Gizz LazloDr. Know, U.K. Subs, The Freeze, Dead Lazlo’s Place) legato vocals, delicately draped over my thunderous toms, recall bands like The Icicle Works, though they also possess the muscle and motivation of Samiam’s Jason Beebout.”

“I am satisfied with my mix of this song, probably because it happened so effortlessly. I love how the dozen-plus tracks of backing vocals neatly charted their course as they float amid the ether of the song, simultaneously transparent yet plenty apparent. Luis’s tight, crunchy guitar riffing in the bridge eventually yields to a full-throttle send of the outro, with the densely-layered choir repeatedly exclaiming “noooo!” as I hammer quarter notes on the crash cymbal — it really thrusts this cut into an elevated stratum and provides the mashed-pedal drive it deserves, even if the lyrics state an emphatic opposition that, “I’m in no condition / to drive you all the way home!”

Rashidi also adds: “What makes it even more impressive was watching Gizz on the other side of the glass, in the vocal booth at the recording studio — the eponymous, succinctly-monikered Studio — in Redlands, California, absolutely nailing it all in one take. I’m nearly sure I exclaimed a stunned “wow” as the hair rose on my arms (I have hairy arms, too). I could somehow still sense the sweet and mildly-spiced waft of a Djarum Special clove cigarette he had just dusted off mere minutes before nailing this cut, quizzically piercing its way through the double-paned window into the control room (“I see you walking through / that crowded, smoky room”). While I already knew Gizz was highly competent at his craft, I didn’t realize he could be unassailably stellar in the studio. (Given this is my first album as a solo producer, perhaps I was just gifted a stroke of beginner’s luck?) I think the new single could resonate with just about anyone listening. It’s beautiful, powerful and might serve as the flagship track on this forthcoming full-length album by For Closure. I also hope that ‘No Condition’ encapsulates much of what you love and seek in a song.”

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