Can’t Swim share video for ‘To Heal At All, You Have To Feel It All’

Can’t Swim have just shared the video for the new song ‘To Heal at All, You Have to Feel It All,’ from their upcoming new album ‘Change of Plans,’ out October 22nd on Pure Noise Records.

“The song crackles with push and pull sonic energy, while the cinematic visual follows a pair of protagonists on the run. From what? Tune in to find out. The ending just might surprise you. ‘To Heal at All You, Have to Feel it All’ is a song about being haunted by the ghosts of your past,” says singer Chris LoPorto. “I wrote the entire thing on an airplane because I was having these awful nightmares. The progression is a six times signature where the drums are in four four. When I presented the demo to Will Putney, he thought the chorus felt a little better with the drums also and six going into the recording process actually thought this song was one of the weakest part of the 12, but wound up being one of the strongest and that’s why we decided to use it for the single.”

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