Cariuma continues to stack already massive skate team

Sustainable sneaker brand Cariuma keeps expanding their skate team that already includes names such as Mike Vallely, Le’Andre Sanders (aka @skategoat), Gustavo Ribeiro, or Kelvin Hoefler. Now, the company is proud to introduce four new skaters to the team – Trevor Colden, Adrianne Sloboh, Becker Dunn, and Justin Ladner.

Trevor Colden was born in Virginia Beach, has been an avid skater since he was young, and relocated to LA at 16. Colden is known throughout the competition world; in 2011, he swept and won 16 AM contests, including Tampa, and additionally, he’s been invited to skate Dew Tour Pro Street. From the competitions to the cover of Thrasher’s August 2012 issue, Colden is a skater that continues to garner attention.

Adrianne Sloboh is a Simi Valley, California native who has made a name for herself in her 13-year skate career. Sloboh hopes that her skate career and representation as a Black woman will encourage other women to keep skating and build community in an industry that is overly represented by men. If you didn’t see her skate in Damn Am LA 2019 or on the cover of Thrasher’s Black skater tribute, you’ll no doubt be seeing and hearing about her soon.

Becker Dunn represents the mid-west as he hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, but now calls Long Beach, CA, home. Dunn is a competitor to watch as he’s recently placed in the top half USA Skateboarding National Championships Men’s Street Quarterfinals and grabbed first place in Damn Am NYC in 2019.

Justin Ladner started skating at the ripe age of 5 years old and hasn’t taken a break since. Ladner has parlayed his 300K plus TikTok followers into a skateboarding theater, mastering the production skills and landing the tricks that have made the skate world notice. At only 20 years old and with the January 2021 release of his skate video ‘One Way Ticket,’ Ladner has no intentions of slowing down.

“Cariuma is dedicated to finding and recruiting a collective of unique skaters who are committed to creating a better planet for us to skate and thrive in; Adrianne, Beck, Trevor, and Justin do just that, using their talents to promote a hopeful future,” shared the company.

Cariuma founders Fernando Porto and David Python are no strangers to skateboarding or surfing, as Brazilian natives who naturally took to the streets and waves. Porto particularly had a heart for the skateboarding community and is passionate about creating a sustainable brand that would appeal to the practical needs of skaters globally; all of this worked towards starting Cariuma in May of 2018. Python and Porto had a clear and direct design vision of an ethically produced, sustainable brand that would create products that skaters would wear in the streets and beyond. As they mark their third year as a company, Cariuma continues to build relationships within the skateboarding community and create partnerships with skaters who are positively moving for the planet and people.

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