Pulley announce a vinyl collection titled ‘Encore’

The legendary skatepunk band Pulley around singer and ex-baseball pro Scott Radinsky already let us hear from them again earlier this year with their EP ‘Different Strings.’ To shorten the waiting time for a firmly scheduled new album in 2022, the band is releasing a double LP together with SBÄM Records.

There are a lot of cool things about this release. First, it’s a 2xLP; the first vinyl contains the classic EPs ‘Time Insensitive Material’ (2008) and ‘The Long and Short of It’ (2011), both remastered at The Blasting Room. Secondly, the second “bonus” vinyl contains 7 stunning “live” tracks hand-picked from the band’s Monsters of Rock live stream in June 2020. These live songs sound fantastic AND are now available on all streaming services!

On the one hand, the record serves as fan service, on the other hand, Pulley have been showing other sides of themselves since Corona and are releasing live material for the time being. More information about a new full-length album of the band will hopefully be available soon!

LP 1
1. The Never Ending
2. Ghost Inside My Skin
3. Mandarin
4. Enemies
5. Rattling Rust
6. No Man’s Flute
7. The Long And Short Of It
8. Which Way To Go

LP 2
1. Cashed In
2. Hooray For Me
3. No I In Team
4. Ocean Song
5. One Shot
6. Second Best
7. Working Class Whore


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