Cariuma teams with Van Gogh Museum for a special new sneaker collection

Brazillian sustainable skate shoe brand Cariuma and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam have come together to create a collaboration in honor of the museum’s 50th anniversary with four styles celebrating the spirit of Van Gogh – three styles of OCA and a sunny Salvas rounding out the pack of this artist collaboration. 

They come together to create a collaboration that celebrates the beauty of nature, while restoring our planet, and sharing a simple, but meaningful message – “these depictions display the immense beauty of our home, reminding us to look around and implement daily decisions centered around nourishing and protecting our natural world.”

Sunflowers Oca are shoes bursting with life. Brush strokes depicting bright florals for a pair sure to turn heads wherever you go. These shoes are based on Cariuma’s fan-favorite OCA that’s 100 percent vegan, and made with organic cotton and natural rubber. Sunflowers Salvas follow the same path but are painted on the Salvas silhouette. They offer beauty in simplicity in a stunning standout print.

Wheat fields feature rolling hills beneath an indigo sky at dusk – a palpably moody nature scene captured by Vincent Van Gogh, while Jubilee flowers offer beautiful hand-painted blooms and a sweet print you can sport all year long – these shoes were created by the Van Gogh Museum in celebration of their 50th anniversary and feature the captivating works of the painter for wearable art that does our natural world justice.

Head down to the Cariuma website, and grab a pair HERE.

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